Pathways Institute is a non-contracted provider, meaning that we do not have direct relationships with insurance companies, and therefore we are unable to bill your insurance company for you.  If you plan to seek reimbursement from your insurance company, we suggest that prior to services you contact them to check your coverage.  Some insurance companies pay at a lower rate for out-of-network providers or will not reimburse charges for certain diagnoses or types of service.

Pathways does not accept any insurance payments.  In the event that an insurance company sends your payment to us, we will return the payment to them with a copy of the correspondence to you.

Each insurance company has a unique, proprietary claim form.  Each form will include its own set of instructions.  Many insurance companies now allow you to complete a claim online for faster reimbursement.  To find your company’s claim form, visit their website’s member information section or call the member/subscriber customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

Below are the websites of several insurance companies for your easy reference:

Common Insurance Related Questions

  • My insurance company won’t reimburse me for the specific code (diagnosis or CPT) that was used.  Will you change it so that I can get reimbursed?Unfortunately, changing a diagnosis or CPT code strictly for insurance reimbursement is fraud and CHC cannot do it.  If you feel that a code was assigned in error, please contact the providing clinician.
  • My insurance company denied the claim because they need the provider’s license number, NPI number, and tax ID number. Please contact our office as we are happy to provide you with this information.  All providers at CHC are under the same tax ID number which is located on your statement.
  • My insurance company denied the claim and said that they needed proof of medical necessity or clinical notes to back up the services. The best way to get this resolved is to have the insurance company submit a request for additional information to us.