The Pathways Institute offers Taking Back What’s Been Stolen: Pathways Institute 16-Week STOP STEALING Workbook“. The STOP STEALING Workbook is the first workbook written for people with compulsive stealing disorders and the therapists who work with them.  This book is based on years of direct clinical experience assessing, diagnosing and treating people who steal. Founded in 1995, our program has worked with hundreds of people helping them gain control over their stealing behaviors (and other addictive, compulsive and impulsive behaviors).

The STOP STEALING Workbook is written for people with kleptomania and compulsive stealing disorders. It’s is designed to give effective and practical methods to stop these destructive behaviors.  It is a step-by-step approach designed to: 1) give information about stealing disorders, 2) help discover the origins of the impulse to steal, 3) learn how to address the issues that arise, and 4) build a relapse prevention plan. We also provide a program to help decrease the urge to steal.

This workbook is also designed to provide clinicians with the diagnostic and treatment tools to effectively help their patients. The most effective use of the workbook would be in conjunction with weekly therapy, where the issues that emerge or difficulties with the material can be addressed in depth. More often than not, we find that underlying issues such as mood disorders, unmet needs, difficulty tolerating emotions, unhealthy relationships, etc., drive stealing behaviors. Often there are other addictive behaviors that need to be addressed as well, such as eating disorders or shopping addiction.


If you are interested in purchasing workbooks, click here to purchase it directly from Amazon.


Please contact the institute if interested in training and/or consultation for use of our materials. Training and consultation via video conference or phone is available for those who are not in the Bay Area.  The Pathways Institute offers a certification for therapists who train with us and specialize in working with this population.


Note: Therapy is also available via phone or video conference for California residents who live to far away to come in for sessions.  We also offer intensive treatment for those who wish to come for a more immersive program or who live to far to come to us for treatment.