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The Pathways Institute offers comprehensive psychological assessments.  Each individual, couple, or family who is interested in entering treatment is assessed so that treatment can be adequately tailored to meet their needs and recommendations can be made.

We also offer general psychological assessments to create a comprehensive picture of someone’s overall emotional and mental health. These types of assessments are available for a variety needs and purposes.

Additionally, we specialize in:

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Often people struggling with impulse disorders seek treatment after they have been arrested and are referred by the courts, defense attorneys, or probation/parole departments.  The Pathways Institute utilizes scientific and professional literature, records review, clinical interviews, psychological testing, and collateral interviews when appropriate, to provide a comprehensive report and forensic assessment of future behavioral risk.

Our assessments can be used to assist the courts in adjudicating a case, reaching a disposition, or determining an appropriate containment plan.  Please contact us for assessments regarding a client’s stealing behavior, sexual behavior, mental illness, or substance abuse.

In conjunction with our forensic assessment, we also offer expert consultation and testimony for civil and criminal cases.

Additionally, there are times when professional organizations suspend an individual’s license to practice, such as the Board of Registered Nurses, California Board of Behavioral Science, California Board of Psychology, Medical Board of California, and others.  The Pathways Institute also specializes in completing assessments which meet the requirement for these organizations.



The Pathways Institute has worked under contract and on a referral basis for the US Federal Probation Department, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, San Francisco Pretrial Diversion, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, the San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco Superior Court Community Justice Center, and other institutions and organizations to provide forensic assessments, court-ordered/mandated treatment, and training for issues related to anger, impulse control, a wide range of stealing behaviors, mental illness, substance abuse, and others. Our staff have experience working with mandated populations, contract requirements, probation requirements, and third parties who oversee treatment.



We provide psychological and educational assessments, as well as consultation with parents or adults in order to help them navigate the next steps of diagnosis, intervention and remediation for themselves or their child.  We provide referrals for occupational therapy, child therapy and learning specialists.  Additionally we provide individual and couples psychotherapy in order to support adults or  parents through the emotionally complex and sometimes overwhelming experience of having a learning or attention difference or raising a child with learning and attention differences.

To learn more about our educational and psychoeducational assessment program, please visit our assessment website at Assessments and consultation also available in Spanish.



We also offer a unique consultation and training service to the community.  Our professional staff is available for trainings, workshops and presentations regarding: stealing behaviors, sexually compulsive behaviors and sexual offending, substance abuse and chemical dependency, learning and attention differences, impact of impulse disorders on families and partners, risk assessment, and impulse-disordered youths.

Interested groups include: attorneys, courts, probation & parole departments, undergraduate and graduate programs, agencies providing treatment and/or assessment, community groups and/or organizations.

Additionally, Pathways Institute also offers a unique training and employment program for therapists interested in working with these populations in an exciting, growing, and learning environment.

We offer the only certification, the Certified Problem Stealing Therapist (CPST), for therapists who specialize in working with those who suffer from compulsive stealing, and therapists who train with us gain an in-depth understanding of impulse control disorders thorough assessment and diagnostics in addition to treatment.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of these services.