Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown. | George Shinn

The Pathways Institute for Impulse Control works to help people gain control of their lives by helping them stop their compulsive internet and electronic media behaviors.  The Internet and electronic media is here to stay and each one of us will have to find a way to be in balance as the demand to engage in these activities increases.

Internet and electronic media compulsive behaviors can be expressed in a variety of uncontrollable ways, gaming, programming, gambling, web surfing, texting, streaming, viewing, social chats and many other behaviors that fall into this category.  The common denominator is an inability to set time limits, planning one’s life around the problem behaviors and the inability to stop the behavior at will. For some people, these activities offer an “alternative reality” that threatens to “take over” real life.

We work to create a non-judgmental, non-shaming and safe environment so the person can fully accept their problems and begin to trust in them selves and become free to move beyond the compulsive electronic media and internet behaviors into a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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This Program Will Help Individuals

  • Stop acting out in their internet and media addiction;
  • Identify situations that trigger the impulse to act out and isolate into media and develop strategies for overcoming them;
  • Restore, repair and gain stability and intimacy in family and personal life;
  • Repair job related problems or revise career plans that have been neglected due to their compulsive behavior;
  • Explore and understand the roots of their compulsive internet and electronic media behaviors, including stressors, trauma, mood disorders, etc.;
  • Begin to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with themselves and others based on a more authentic expression of the self;
  • Identify unmet needs and to learn how to meet them in a healthy way, ultimately leading to deeper and more intimate relationships with themselves and others;
  • Become part of a supportive network of people who have had compulsive internet and electronic media behaviors and overcame it;
  • Define and implement life-style changes that increase self-confidence.
  • Get out of the cycle of loosing hours to electronic media and move towards a happier, more intimate, more fulfilling life.

Why Seek Treatment?

Individuals with compulsive Internet and electronic media behaviors often don’t question their behaviors until facing the damaging consequences such as loss of jobs or relationships.

They don’t know why they have these behaviors; often these behaviors will feel mysterious to those who have them, and will cause the person to feel out of control.

Often these behaviors are sanctioned and approved by peers and create defensiveness when questioned about their behaviors.  Peer approval can give the false illusion of being ok and not having impact in their lives.

They don’t understand how to stop the behaviors.

They experience shameful feelings or feelings inadequacy that prevent them from talking about.

All inquires are strictly confidential.

Insurance reimbursement may be available.