path·way \ˈpath-ˌwā, ˈpäth-\

1. course: a way of life, conduct, or thought

2. a route to or way of access to; way of reaching or achieving something

Autumn3. mode by which a species establishes and continues to exist in a new environment

4. path: a trodden way

5. the configurations that can be assumed in any process of change by a moving system

6. a network of nerve fibers following a path through the brain



  • We believe we are all entitled to live in a safe community in which individuals can create meaningful lives and make contributions to our community’s health, well-being and future.
  • While there is no “quick fix” for the conditions we address, we offer patients and the criminal justice system accurate risk assessment, court testimony, and alternatives to incarceration through behavior containment and intervention with repeat offenders that are overwhelming the courts and/or facing loss of relationships.

  • We will provide care in a compassionate, non-judgmental and safe environment so patients can explore the origins and meanings of their behaviors and make necessary changes to stop these behaviors and prevent future relapse.  We are a team of inter-disciplinary, licensed mental health professionals and associates who provide this cutting-edge care through our extensive experience and through on-going education, training, research and on-going relationships with experts in the field.

  • In addition to impulse disorders, learning and attention differences can have a devastating impact on learning and navigating the world.  Additionally, many learning differences go undiagnosed or denied by schools and others.  Achieving diagnosis and understanding of the differences and subsequently getting the help and services that are needed can be challenging and frustrating.  We offer a way to integrate information and navigate the web of professionals and services resulting in a comprehensive picture and plan.

  • We will transmit our knowledge and experience to other therapists so that they may learn how to effectively assess and treat these populations and provide the most effective treatment while in our employment and once they operate independently. We provide a learning, growing, and creative environment for professional growth.