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The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. | Anna Quindlen

The Pathways Institute helps the partners and families of individuals with compulsive disorders, addictions, paraphilias, and those who have suffered serious consequences for their behaviors.

Impulse disorders do not occur in a vacuum; partners and families suffer the painful and often traumatic impact of their loved one’s addiction.  Partners and family members are denied intimacy, communication, security and the ability to experience healthy dependency.  All too often unhealthy relating patterns occur as partners and family members attempt to manage and try to control their loved ones addiction out of fear and anxiety. These attempts rarely help and leave the partners and family members resentful, depressed and anxious. Frequently partners and family members feel shame and/or like they have no one to talk to about their experience.IMG_4019

We work to create a non-judgmental, non-shaming and safe environment so you can fully understand impulse disorders and how to create new healthy ways of relating. We offer individual therapy, group, couples therapy and family therapy, depending on your needs.

In addition to our program for partners, we also offer couples therapy and intensive workshops for couples.

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This Program Will Help Partners, Couples, and Family members

  • Understand impulse disorders;
  • Share and heal from trauma and painful experiences due to the impact of impulse disorders in their lives;
  • Begin to let go of the understandable urge to control and manage the addict and the problem behaviors;
  • Accept their partner or family members illness;
  • Identify situations with the addict that triggers anxiety and fear;
  • Develop new strategies of relating with the addict;
  • Restore, repair and gain stability and intimacy in family and personal life;
  • Focus on themselves and return more fully to their life and pursuit of happiness;
  • Begin to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with themselves and others based on a more authentic expression of the self;
  • Identify unmet needs and to learn how to meet them in a healthy way, ultimately leading to deeper and more intimate relationships with themselves and others;
  • Become part of a supportive network of people who have been impacted by impulse disorders;
  • Define and implement life-style changes that increase self-confidence.
  • Get out of the cycle of your partner’s behavior and move towards a happier, more intimate, more fulfilling life.

Why seek Treatment?

Partners and family members are often confused by impulse disorders.

Partners and families often are suffering from overwhelming stress due to their partners’ impulse disorder and acting-out behaviors.

Partners often are isolated by their painful feelings and need the support of treatment to work through their issues.

Partners often have a history of addiction in their family of origin and need to deal with early wounding as well as the problems they are suffering in their current relationship.

Partners need to learn new ways of relating whether the addict is in recovery or not.  They need to learn to set boundaries and stop enabling the addict and take care of themselves.

Partners and families need to learn that taking care of themselves will have a positive impact in their lives and families lives whether the addict is in recovery or not.
They are unaware of physical and mental health problems that can result from the on-going stress of living with partner with impulse disorders.

They are unaware of the demands and changes of early treatment and the need for the non-addicted partner to be supported through this emotionally challenging time.

They are unaware of available cognitive behavioral and psychotherapeutic treatment options.

They are unaware of available psychiatric medication that may benefit them.

Partners and families can benefit from the knowledge of effective cutting edge research and treatment available to them and their loved ones.

Individuals can learn to employ new behaviors in order to deal with the impact of impulse disorders in a healthy way. They learn to accept only what they are responsible for, learn new ways of coping with the underlying psychological and emotional triggers, and repair relationships.

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Insurance reimbursement may be available.