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The Pathways Institute for Impulse Control specializes in working with adults or parents of children with language question words2processing and attention differences.

Realizing your child is struggling in school academically and may have a learning and or attention disorder can  be scary and confusing.  Current prevalence studies suggest up to 20%- 30% of the population has a language processing or attention disorder also known as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADHD and ADD.  In spite of this prevalence, navigating the world of getting help, proper diagnoses, and rights can often be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating and disheartening.

There is hope and we can help.  We listen to parents, teachers and most importantly to kids.  We work at understanding how kids learn and why they aren’t learning. There are many assessment specialists to choose from; our goal is to help the whole family navigate the assessment, academic and emotional realms encountered in this process.

We provide initial consultation, comprehensive psychoeducational testing, expert reports with clear and understandable explanationsfor parents and teachers, and second opinions on school based testing.  We present the students, parents and educators useful and necessary educational accommodations.

We provide consultation with parents in order to help them navigate the next steps of diagnosis, intervention and remediation for themselves or their child.  We offer groups for parents, as well as individual and couples psychotherapy, in order to support parents through the emotionally complex and sometimes overwhelming experience of having a learning or attention difference or raising a child with learning and attention differences. We also offer groups for kids and teens that allows them to build resiliency,  understand how they learn and advocate for themselves.

To learn more about our assessment program, please feel free to visit our assessment website at Assessments and consultation also available in Spanish.


This Program Will Help Parents

  • Begin to understand language processing and attention disorders and the behavioral manifestations.
  • Make sense of information coming from their child, child’s school or other experts.
  • Create a plan to go forward with intervention and accommodations for oneself or one’s child.
  • Understand their child’s behavior in context of the learning problems.
  • Work through the all too frequent feelings of guilt and shame that individuals and parents feel.
  • Differentiate between parenting issues and the professional intervention needed that parents aren’t qualified to provide.
  • Effectively advocate for their child and themselves.
  • Differentiate between intervention and accommodation.

Why Seek Consultation and Treatment?

  • Children with LD and attention differences need early intervention.
  • Parents need to learn to deal with the intensity of their emotions in order to effectively communicate with their kids and educational providers.
  • Parents are often confused and overwhelmed and need support in order to effectively intervene and advocate for their child.
  • Marriage, partnership and family life is often neglected and suffering while trying to deal with a child’s learning difference.
  • Children can experience long term psychological and emotional problems if their LD/attention differences go unaddressed.
  • Parent child relationships can be strained and need special attention and understanding.
  • Parents must be realistic and accept the child’s learning and attention difference in order to stay connected and engaged during the long education process.
  • Children and families must learn to accept the learning differences and be knowledgeable in order to advocate for the services and programs the child needs.

All inquires are strictly confidential. Contact the Pathways Institute to set up an appointment or receive more information.

Insurance reimbursement may be available.